Family Law

Raising a family has many rewards and also many challenges especially if the family and children are living in multiple households. At Otto & Steiner, we’re focused on helping our clients navigate through all the questions when facing complex family law decisions.

We rely on our years of legal experience; we know what the law requires and we build a case for you that incorporates all the best practices to meet the needs and requirements of all involved parties. We’ll help you answer these tough questions.

  1. Can I move locally or across state lines with my child(ren)?
  2. How can I make sure that the child’s best interests are being considered?
  3. What custody arrangements need to be made?
  4. Do my in-laws or soon to be former in-laws have any legal visitations rights?
  5. How to I ensure child support is paid and what are the legal guidelines with Wisconsin law?
  6. We are prepared to answer these legal family court issues and the other hundred more you have.