Divorce In a Day™

You’ve decided. You’re getting a divorce but you’re divorcing amicably. No blame, no finger-pointing you just need to dissolve the marriage. Typically most parties hire their own attorney each paying fees to represent them in the case.

That’s not the case at Otto & Steiner. We’re pleased to represent both parties with our Divorce in a Day™ system. Our experienced divorce attorneys work with both of you as your attorney and as your moderator and we get the necessary dissolution paperwork completed in one day. Then you wait the required 120 days, get a court date and appear before the judge.

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If you are in need of services and the Divorce in a Day™ works for both parties, we’d be happy to offer a free 15-minute telephone conversation to answer any questions you have. Of course, sometimes conversations are longer or are more complex and then we’d recommend an in-depth conversation about the divorce process and then schedule a traditional one-hour consultation.

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Uncontested divorces can be simplified with our Divorce in a Day approach.

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