Lauren Otto - Partner/OwnerLauren Otto - Partner/Owner

Ms. Otto is the founder of Otto & Steiner Law, SC, and has ten years of experience in the legal field. She founded her predecessor firm Otto Law Office, LLC in 2011, aiming to provide support and guidance to the residents of Altoona, Eau Claire, Menomonie, Chippewa Falls, and those surrounding areas in west central Wisconsin. Attorney Otto merged her firm with Steiner Legal Services, SC in 2016 to form Otto & Steiner Law, SC, in which she is now the sole owner and partner. She focuses her practice in the areas of divorce and family law, as well as bankruptcy law.

In 2009, Ms. Otto earned a Juris Doctorate at William Mitchell College of Law in Minnesota. She soon discovered that she wanted a legal career that allowed her to help people during life’s most difficult moments, leading her to focus her career primarily on divorce and family law. These areas require an attorney who is sensitive to a client’s needs and willing to guide them in making tough decisions that will affect them and their families for years to come. Having ten years of experience at her current position, Ms. Otto is highly qualified and highly respected in Eau Claire and surrounding communities in Western Wisconsin. She is also innovative in her practice and is expanding her services into mediation and do-it-yourself divorce and family law options to serve the over 70% of divorce and family law litigants who do not have attorneys.

Ms. Otto is a member of the Wisconsin Bar Association, the Eau Claire County Bar Association, the Chippewa County Bar Association, and the Women’s Giving Circle. Otto & Steiner Law, SC is a member of the Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce.

In the future, she plans to focus on increasing wellness and wellness awareness in the legal community. She believes that her focus on her own wellbeing has increased her ability to effectively serve her clients, and she wants to help others in the legal community see similar results in their lives and practices.

She has been married to her husband, Nathan Otto, for ten years and they have two boys, Grant and Rowan. In her spare time she enjoys CrossFit type circuit training and yoga. She has participated as a runner in the marathon relay of the Eau Claire Marathon. She enjoys traveling and taking annual trips to the Boundary Waters with her family.

Lisa Hirschman - Associate AttorneyLisa Hirschman - Associate Attorney

Attorney Lisa Hirschman has been serving Western Wisconsin’s legal needs in a variety of areas since 2013. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School, Attorney Hirschman has certifications in the areas of family law (custody and divorces), as well as estate planning and probate law. Additionally, she works with children and disabled adults as guardian ad litem, representing them when they are unable to legally represent themselves.

In her practice, Attorney Hirschman works hard to resolve cases in a way that will fit her clients needs long term. Divorce and custody cases usually require some level of cooperation even after the immediate court process is completed and Attorney Hirschman strives to find a practical solution that will function positively in the future.

When not at work, Attorney Hirschman is spending time with her three children and her husband, as well as a myriad of animals, including a dog, cat, bunnies and horses. She enjoys crafting and creating things as well as simple down time with a good book.

Co-Founding Partner - Erwin SteinerCo-Founding Partner - Erwin "Erv" Steiner

Attorney Erwin (“Erv”) Steiner passed away in September 2019 after having practiced law in the Chippewa Valley for over 50 years. He practiced with the firm Steiner & Wright, SC and Steiner Legal Services, SC before founding Otto & Steiner Law, SC with Attorney Lauren Otto in 2016. He founded the following practice areas in the firm: Business and Corporate, Civil Litigation, Bankruptcy, Real Estate, and Construction Law. During his practice, Erv wrote course instruction manuals used to educate other lawyers in the areas of Construction Law, Bankruptcy, Real Estate, and Federal Civil Procedure. He also taught business law at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire for almost as long as he practiced law. He was a valuable mentor and friend to all firm attorneys and staff, and he will be greatly missed. Rest in peace Erv.

Proudly Serving Western Wisconsin

Serving Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, and Menomonie and surrounding communities

We are pleased to serve clients throughout Western Wisconsin, including the following counties: Eau Claire, Chippewa, Dunn, Polk, Pepin, Buffalo, Barron, Clark, Jackson, Pierce, Rusk, and Trempealeau.

Client Testimonials

“We obtained Mr. Dailey Johnson to handle a legal matter pertaining to a real estate issue. We had no experience dealing with such matters, and Dailey led us through the process with kindness and patience. His cross examination exposed the untruths of the plaintiff in a respectful manner. He also subpoenaed the right experts that properly debunked the case against us. We would hire Dailey again and highly recommend him!” 2019 Real Estate Law Client

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